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You can catch up on our readings from past Grapevine meetings by taking one of our used editions of the Grapevine Magazine home for free...Supplies are limited due to popular demand.

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“Our Meeting In Print,” founded in 1944; over 60 years of service.

“. . . a magic carpet on which each of you can ride to the more distant reaches and watch new brothers and sisters emerge from darkness into light.”

Bill W., 1959, referring to the Grapevine.


A.A. Speakers - Free Downloads
for Audio Listening
This website contains a collection of 220 Alcoholics Anonymous speaker tapes. I hope you will find them useful to your recovery. All 220 speaker tapes are free. You can listen to them online or download the speaker tapes to your computer.

The purpose of this website is to enhance one's existing sobriety or program of recovery, not to replace it. This website is not AA, and does not represent Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are looking for AA, visit the
Official Alcoholics Anonymous website.

Since the launch of this website there has been 25,700 downloaded speaker tapes.
To get a complete listing of all 220 speaker tapes on this website click
Show Me the AA Speaker Tapes

Back Issues

Because the AA Grapevine is "timeless," back issues are often used as sample copies for new members, hospitals, institutions, and the military, or placed in reading rooms of prisons, jails, and treatment clinics. Some areas collect their own back issues; others purchase packs of back issues from the Grapevine. Packs contain 50 assorted back issues. (There are always multiple copies of the same issue in the pack, usually seven copies each of six issues and eight copies of another issue.)


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