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Grapevine Group Members update section:
What's going on or upcoming in the Grapevine?

- NEWS -
Members always needed early to help set up the hall.
Chairpersons Required - As of late the same few have been doing all the set-ups and meetings.   Please sign the chairperson sheet and follow through on the dates you have assigned yourselves.
Attendance at the Monthly Business Meetings have been lower than usual.  We need as many members to attend as possible to ensure our group conscience continues to follow the correct spiritual path.
Upcoming Business Meetings for 2011 are set for the last Sunday
of each month after the meetings and general clean ups
How important is it?
Can we afford to give more in keeping our doors open?   With a small membership and missed attendance our 7th tradition is just keeping our doors open.  Can we help to leviate our treasurers
worries by donating more "to our own group" and keeping our treasury level so that we may fulfill any possible requirements during the coming year?
Group Inventory from the Grapevine Magazine:


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