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Ghost Hunting 101


Ouija Boards

Ouija - pronunciation: (wi di) or (wi d) or more simply, "wee-ja"
Ouija is a trademark for a talking board currently sold by Parker Brothers.  While the word is not a genericized trademark, it has become a trademark which is often used generically to refer to any talking board.
Are Ouija-Spirit-Witching Boards bad?    I don't think so when used by the right individuals....
People who understand the rituals associated with their boards and understand the universal
energies that control their boards will have little to no problems.
For the people with ghosts or spirits in a haunted property however....Even though it is thought of as a toy it is best to be used by someone who knows how to do some sort of protection ritual before doing it.  The reason for this is you do not want some bad spirit to enter your body or keep hanging around you after you are done.  Plus we have found that people who had little problems living with their spirits seem to have greater problems after using talking boards.  The problem with Ouija is that it opens doors and you never know what can come through.  In a dabblers hands it might not be safe, but only because they probably don't know how to close the doors they open. It's easy to open them, not much required there but a question, to close them is a different ballgame.   Ouija is not the quick solution to figuring out your ghostly phenomina.   By using the techniques that we have supplied on this page will be your safest and most accurate way in attaining the true answers that you seek.
Personally, we have little use for them and stick with historical and "scientific"
(if we can use that term) evaluations during and after our investigations.

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