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Some information about ourselves.

Gerald - Founder


Gerald started in the field of ghost hunting when strange events began in his 40 year old house, 5 years after its initial purchase.  Searching the internet for answers proved to be fruitless and frustrating.   Countless sites had no actual scientific study involved in their documentation and most dealt with well established ghost hauntings, legends and myths.   It was then that he decided to devise a system to assist those wishing to have a better understanding of their paranormal experiences.
During his 9 years of research he has established the Society of Paranormal Encounters of Canada.  Training and Entity Research. (S.P.E.C.T.E.R.)
Gerald and can be seen on:

The children’s series "Mystery Hunters" and on C.T.V.'s "It's a Living"
He has been billed on many radio and T.V. interviews as  "Southern Ontario’s Top Spiritual Dowser"

Lead Psychic

Wanda - Director


Wanda has always been  psychic and sensed energy and energy forms throughout her life. She has explored much of the spirit realm through many experiences with visions since childhood.   In 1992, these experiences increased, and she was compelled to seek training to focus, understand and control the energies.
She continues her journey to understand the invisible world with the use of scientific equipment and research protocol.
Her work in paranormal anomalous phenomena, along with validating her own experiences and  the experiences of others has taken her to research and understand these other fields.
Silva /Dynamind
Therapeutic Touch 111
Reiki 1.
Ghost Hunting /Certification
at the Gettysburgh Conference
MUFON- Certification
for Alien Encounters/Abductions

77 Speedvale Ave West Apt C.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
N1H 1K1