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Living with Ghosts

by Gerald - S.P.E.C.T.E.R.


The owners of haunted properties or possessions should understand that the ghosts themselves cannot hurt them. The people living with these spirits should first look into their own fears of the unknown and try to rationalize explanations of why these occurrences are happening. Instead of fearing the unknown you should learn to live with the spirits as they (the spirits) can retain their former life based memories and emotions, both positive and negative.

To resolve issues with ghosts that have attitudes you should speak in a loud, calm voice and explain to them why you want them to stop what they are doing. Having the ability to show love and compassion toward the spirits will allow both parties to co-exist.

Trying to exorcise, or by using seances or mediums to get rid of ghosts will only strengthen their resolve to stay. When you can understand and not fear them (spirits) they may leave on their own accord. Ghosts are not controlled by us or by godly forces. The same freedoms that God grants the living also apply to the spirit realm.

Out of all the investigations 95% are usually common hauntings only 5% can be attributed to unnatural or unexplainable forces.

To help you understand the phenomena that is occuring in your situation you should investigate the following.

1. What is the history behind the location or object?
2. Are there any events that have taken place to cause
   the location or object to become haunted?
3. What paranormal events have been reported in the past?
4. What actual phenomena has been recorded during  your time 
   with the object or location?

Understanding these four points will help you to interpret the circumstances involved in your situation and can help validate
your claims to the general public.

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