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Guelph Ghost Assistance

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The Equipment:

S.P.E.C.T.E.R. uses only the best Tri-Field meters to capture electromagnetic fields in both the AC and DC ranges.  Both digital and standard tape recording medias are used to ensure our recorded voice results are genuine.  Infrared digital cameras along with standard camcorder technology are used primarily to ensure proper analysis
of recorded visual movement.
These few items are typical of a "first" visit.  If your haunting is more severe then we will bring in t.v. monitors and advanced sound and temperature equipment along with cabling for extended visits if the need arises.
You will also receive a written report at the end of our investigation summarizing all possible causes and known solutions.

Film Cost: $6.00
Developing cost: $13.00
Gas after 100km: .45 per km
Hotel/Food:   ?
x 3 rolls
x 3 rolls

Investigations are free but donations are gratefully accepted to help offset some our greater costs, listed to the left.  These are some typical first visit
costs. These are not set fees, just suggestions.

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77 Speedvale Ave West Apt C.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
N1H 1K1