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This questionaire is the first step in figuring out your haunting!

Thoughout the years this questionaire has become the standard in the paranormal field.  You may feel threatend  by some of the questions but they may be the keys to your haunting.  Your name will always be kept confidencial but the answers are used by researchers in solving the  mystery associated with certain types of anomalies.

It is important that you answer all these questions before you contact us by phone.
        *General questions or concerns can be answered through our e-mail*
 1. Address of site:
  2. Name of witness:
  3. Mailing address if different:
  4. Phone number:
  5. Email Address:
  6. How many occupants at location:
  7. How many pets:
  8. Occupants' names and ages:
  9. Occupants' occupations:
10. Occupants' religious beliefs:
11. Time of occupancy at the location:
12. Age of the site:
13. How many previous owners (if known):
14. History of site: (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints)
15. How many rooms in the site:
16. Has the location been blessed:
17. Has there been any recent remodeling (if so, what and where):
18. Any occupants on prescribed medication (anxiety, depression, pain, etc) Please list names and medications:
19. Any occupants using illegal drugs (this will be kept confidential):
20. Any occupants drink alcohol heavily (this will be kept confidential):
21. Any occupants interested in the occult:  (Ouija, sťances, psychics, spells) If so, who and what?
22. Any occupants currently seeing a psychiatrist or in therapy (this will be kept confidential): if so, who:
23. Any occupants with frequent or unexplained illnesses (if yes, describe):
24. Have any religious clergy been consulted:   If so, please list church:
25. Has there been any media involvement: If so, who:
26. Have there been any other witnesses besides the occupants (names and relationships)
27. Have there been any odors:  (i.e. perfumes, flowers, sulfur, ammonia, excrement, etc) If so, when, where and what:
28. Have there been any sounds:  (i.e. footsteps, knocks, banging, etc) If so, when, where and what:
29. Have there been any voices:  (whispering, yelling, crying, speaking) If so, when, where and what:
30. Has there been any movement of objects, If so, when, where and what:
31. Has there been any apparitions, If so, when, where and what (describe the apparition):
32. Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots: If so, when, where and what:
33. Have there been any problems with electrical appliances:  (TV, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells) If so, when, where and what:
34. Have there been any problems with plumbing:  (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls) If so, when, where and what:
35. Any occupants having nightmares or trouble sleeping: If so, who and when:
36. Have there been any physical contact: If so, who, where and what happened:
37. Are pets affected: If so, how:
38. Describe the first occurrence of the phenomena: (what and when happened?)
39. Who first witnessed the phenomena:
40. What time was the first occurrence of the phenomena:
41. What is the witness's reaction during the phenomena:
42. Were there any other witnesses during the first event:
43. How long is the average duration of the phenomena:
44. How often does the phenomena occur:
45. Do any of the occupants feel the phenomena is threatening: If so, who and why?
46. What do the occupants believe is happening:  (i.e. it's supernatural, natural, unsure, etc.) :
47. Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening,  Do any think it's nonsense or not happening:
48. What would you like to see accomplished from our visit?

Group then right click to copy this questionaire. Click this link to paste it into your mail window. Please fill in all questons

Thank you for filling out our questionaire!

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Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
N1H 1K1