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The Grapevine Group - Guelph

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Fun stuff and interesting links to other cool sites of interest:

Visit Bill W's House.

Electronic Christmas Cards - Seasonal

Fun for friends or family greetings...Easy to use! 
Just upload a picture and become a dancing
Elf or Scrooge this holiday season.

Elf Yourself!

Scrooge Yourself!

Sobriety Calculator

24 hrs in a day is easy but having problems figuring out hours, minutes and seconds?  How come everyone else seems so smart?   Well we may have found the answer!  

How long have you been sober? - Calculator

Recovery Greetings

Send a friend an e-mail recovery message and show them that you care!

Sponsors Aid

Need help with that certain sponsee don't know what to do?    A site with a helping hand made specifically for the sponsor.

Sponsor Aid

A.A. Speakers Online

Missed a meeting?  Need one now?  Your online resource for a speaker meeting on your computer. 
Listen from your computer or download and listen later in your car or on your mp3 player.

Your online source for speaker tapes!

We Are Not a Glum Lot - A.A. Humour


Meditation/Serenity Music

Calming music/videos for the mind,spirit and body.

Sober Vacations

Meetings in the Sun!

Joe and Charlies Big Book Study