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Demons or Ghosts?

by Gerald - S.P.E.C.T.E.R.


Do you have a demon in your house or an angry spirit? Spirits are people without a physical body which can have personalities and intelligence. Therefore they can have emotions. Taunting spirits can promote an outburst of negative energy. A simple thing such as renovating an old house can cause negative energy. Spirits feel threatened when things known to them from their former lives are torn away or are being changed, which can result in outbursts of negative energy. Most people tend to look at these occurances as being demonic activity.
When encountering any angry spirits you will most likely be frightened. Being unnerved is natural and is part of the human preservation system installed in all of us. The investigator should analyse his own personal fears or the fears of others and not place demonic blame on an angry spirit. The emotion of anger is a human characteristic and most likely has not been forged in some demonic realm.


Remember: 95% of all hauntings are standard cases. Only 5% of cases cannot be explained or have some type of unnatural circumstances surrounding them.

If someone tells you they are a "demonologist". Here are somethings that you should know written by a respected demonologist that works for the church.

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