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Ghosts in Your Pictures?

The four most common anomalies
you may catch on digital, film
or video devices. 



Are sources of energy or the life force of a former living being. When the container for the life force expires the energy is no longer contained. Science has proven that the human brain creates electricity. Albert Einstein had at one time shown scientifically that when electricity had been created, it could not be destroyed.

In the natural world the sphere is the most perfect form, therefore the orb is the most common and easiest form to take to contain matter in the spirit world. Basic physics are to be taken into consideration on this matter. Why are raindrops spherical and soap bubbles are not triangular? The forces around these objects make them take the easiest shape to contain.


Look like cigar smoke in your photographs. When most people get these anomalies on film no one had been smoking at the time of the photograph. Generally mists appear when there is more than one orb in the location of the photograph. Mists are the product of many orbs taking the shape of a human form or leaving its manifestation of that or some other form.


In theory vortex's are the combination of a large number of orbs travelling together as one unit at a great amount of speed. The patterns captured on your photograph are from the orbs travelling in a circular or oscillating motion. These orbs travelling at high rates of speed seem to leave a long entrail with a rippling effect. This effect may also be caused by the energies slowing down (or putting on the brakes) leaving a jerky ripple effect with a long entrail through your photograph.


Represent a different configuration than the standard orb, mist or vortex. Spirits of the dead may manifest in many configuration patterns (some which are not discussed here).
It takes more energy to configure into a full body apparition than a small ball of light or mist energies.

Light will not pass through different densities or masses the same way. Because spirit energy has density it can create a shadow on the ground or the wall. The shadow is not alive but the matter (although dead) is casting the shadow. Shadows are relatively common and have been cast when orbs and vortex's are photographed.

Shadow people because of their dark forms are often considered to be evil. The era of movies and television have instilled in our subconscious mind that the good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black. This misconception should be eliminated with shadow people. Shadow people are simply another manifestation of spirit energies.
Shadows can be one of the harder anomalies to photograph because of their speed and colour.  Mostly seen from the corners of your eyes. Invisible at night...
By Gerald

A great site to learn more or just evaluate your ghost pictures is by friend and fellow researcher Jackie at:





Other anomalies that can also be photograghed but not described in detail on this page are: apparitions, ectoplasms, ribbons or line energys.
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