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Guelph Ghost Research

The Moon and Ghost Hunting?

So What's the Deal?

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The Moon and Ghost Hunting so What's the Deal?
Ghost Hunters generally reffer to these conditions before any investigation.   The reason for this is that these conditions may affect the amount of haunting activity.   Ghosts or Spirits can draw their energy from many sources such as the Earth's geomagnetic fields also ley lines and underground flowing water sources.
During times that geomagnetic field is not that strong,  spirits can tap into other common energy sources such as batteries & electrical appliances.   This can often be witnessed as a sudden drain of  batteries or an appliance acting oddly by malfunctioning or surging energy patterns.    Energy can also be harvested from the surrounding environment and may causes sudden spikes or drops in temperature in isolated areas with the right conditions.   Spirits are often stronger near sources of water and at times they can even cause faucets & toilets to run on their own.    When humidity is low this is another potental energy source.   Energy can also be tapped from living beings, especially if they are upset or angry.   People tend to feel "drained" after an encounter with an entity. 

The geomagnetic field changes under various different conditions.  Solar flares  can cause surges in the geomagnetic field also.    M class and X class solar flares can cause geomagnetic storms within days of an occurrence.    This surplus geomagnetic energy has a significant history of increasing the amount of ghostly activity.    M class and X class flares are  stronger sources of energy for spirit manifestation but any spike in these fields will increase ghostly phenomina.     It also important to note with this increase in the geomagnetic fields can also cause false reading on some E.M.F. meters.

The moon can also make a difference in the amount of energy ghosts or spirits have at their disposal.   The Earth's geomagnetic field tends to be stronger during the full & new moon cycles.    The moon also effects the tides and the water in the human body. 



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