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Guelph Ghost Research

History of Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting then and about us now!

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Looking backwards...

A Short History of Ghost Hunting

Ghosts, hauntings and tales of strange events go well back into ancient history. More recently though there is a rich and documented history of ghost hunting occurring in New York around 1848 that started the spiritualist movement which continued into late 1930's. You may recognize names such as Kate Fox, the Davenport Brothers, Daniel Douglas Home, Florence Cook, Margery Crandon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini. These individuals along with many others played a large part in this movement albeit sometimes at opposite ends of the spectrum. (Either in their empathy with lost souls or their skepticism in such matters). More detailed information is available today on the internet or at your local library. Those people listed above are in part the reason for the efforts of Harry Price and the start of documented ghosthunting.
HARRY PRICE (1881 -1948)
In his time, Harry Price was one of the most influential persons involved in ghost hunting. Harry uncovered a number of fraudulant photographers that made their money by double exposing photographic plates and then claiming the images were the dead relatives of the people being photographed. He proved to the general public how this trickery could be achieved in the studio. Harry also went to numerous seances and tried to prove or disprove their validity scientifically with gauges and measures (some instruments were crafted specifically for this purpose) and kept accurate notes and diaries at all times.

Harry Price was most recognized for his work in the Borley Rectory with his ghostly photography and evaluations of this haunted site. Harry's work is still controversial and questioned by some. He was however the fore runner of ghost hunters and his work was the start to a more serious look into the proper use of equipment and evaluations to explain the paranormal.

A good source for more information on the spiritualist movement and the evolution of ghost hunting is a book by
Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society's....

- The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook -

Published by Whitechapel Productions Press.

For more information on Harry Price, visit Troy Taylor's:

Harry Price & Borley Rectory Page.


My Background

I had became interested in investigating the paranormal after strange occurances became more prevelant in my 38 yr old house. These incidents  would eventually start me down my current path. At the time the first ignored event that happened was a set of three random numbers written in dust on a television screen. At the time I thought nothing of it thinking that my wife had done it to remember something she had seen on the t.v. but upon further evaluation she had not made the marks and no children or guests were in that area of the house for approximately 3 weeks. Not long after that initial incident, I started to hear my wife saying my name as if she was behind me, but I shrugged it off to imagination. Sounds of books falling or paper tearing were also heard by my wife when she was home alone. A few months later we were both starting to hear the noises at the same time - always the identical sounds, although sometimes in different locations.  
Eventually both of us had grown so accustomed to the occurrences that we don't even bother to get up and investigate them anymore.

These events and others in our home led us into the field of paranormal investigations. Over the years I have met a number of people with unique qualities and abilities in dealing with pyschic phenomena who have joined our investigative team.


Gerald using dowsing rods to determine the location of a murder (which could be) causing a haunting. Dowsing rods have also been known to find unmarked graves and can answer simple yes & no questions.

Along with scientific equipment, dowsing rods can become quite useful in finding hidden answers.

Some of the best work written on Spiritual Dowsing I enjoy have come from Sig Lonegren.

Spiritual Dowsing


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