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Guelph Ghost Research

G.G.R.&A. Photographs


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Please note:  S.P.E.C.T.E.R. respects the right to privacy and has only
 used our pictures that have been granted written permission by the clients/property owners.

ORB CONTRAVERSY:  Not all orbs are ghosts/spirits.  It is a known factor that 97% of orb photo's maybe caused by moisture, dust or pollens.   S.P.E.C.T.E.R. takes great care in eliminating known causes and does spend time researching that 3%.

        Haunted Barn

Man playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Mist photo taken by S.P.E.C.T.E.R. at a local riding arena during a rider training lesson. Horses would spook wildly and throw their riders.

Animals Sensing Something?

The photo above, is of our Basenji. She will often look up and rub her eyes as if watching something.

We always had a disposable camera near by and would capture a single orb around her when she started acting funny.

Birthday Spirit
Vortex/Orbs in motion

Photo submitted by a client 
shortly after our initial 
investigation.  She was taking photo's of her children and set the camera down on a childrens play table.  She heard the camera go off and thought one of the kids picked it up.  To her surprise the camera was in the same spot but this photo was taken by itself....She also made it clear to me, that there is NO strap on the camera? 
Notice how the Entity comes through the door, curves around
the childs shoulder then out the same doorway?...
She has taken many photos since they were born with large misty balls and orbs around and behind the children.

      Rural School House

Vortex containing multiple orbs
One in a series of three (almost identical) pictures

A neighbour gave me these copys from their friends rural school house.Since they have converted it to a home,they can often hear children singing in the house.
They had left their camera sitting on a shelf.  These picture were on the negatives between some other photos.
Just another example of entities taking their own photographs and using the energy around them. 
A story about an orb sent in
by a visitor to this site.
It was watched for quite some time. Note: I personally have also followed orbs with the naked eye... 
I have displayed the entire unedited article as it was submitted to us.


Best of the WEB - GHOST VIDEOS

WARNING - Not for the Faint of Heart!

Abandoned Cemetary

Mist at Ghost Hill
Late Fall Investigation

The mist above was taken by S.P.E.C.T.E.R. & G.G.R. Teams during a private investigation.

Radiant Orb in Motion
Mid-Winter Investigation

Had a feeling - Orb photographed
Summer Investigation

Ghost Hill is a site of an abandonded cemetary. Back in the mid 1970's a group of bikers partying in the cemetary threw the headstones onto the road infront of Ghost Hill.
Since this time paranormal activities occur on this site.  Only one headstone now remains to mark the property. GhostHill is an ongoing investigation for the G.G.R and S.P.E.C.T.E.R. teams.

Historically Haunted Farm
  "The Donelly Estate"
A Student Film Documentary 

Strange configuration by my elbow?
Wanda pshycically feels the company of two entities.


These two photos are from a series of five photographs.
Four in the series are all out of focus with Wanda's hand moving exceptionally faster than the shutter speed of the camera.   At the time I felt like something was standing to my right and had not noticed Wanda feeling her surroundings
Luckily our experienced camera person new something was going on (by our actions) and took these photo's.
All the pictures afterwards turned out in normal speed again when the presence of
the entity left.
Our laser thermometer also rose up by ten degrees & maintained
that temperature for about 20 seconds slowly decreasing by intervals of 2 degrees when it was pointed at one of the pic's of the Donnelly brothers.
This had been recorded during the  the documentary. all the other pictures that the laser was pointed at remained at a standard 27 celcius.
Our team and a few of the film crew had some problems with breathing and felt heavy chested when we started the documentary.  This passed about 30 minutes into the shoot. 

My favourite picture of a possible full bodied apparition.  Taken by Gerald in a local tavern in an area feared by the employees.  You can make out the details of head, arms and wrist.  The legs also appear visible and defined.  Taken on 35mm 400 speed kodak film.


After one of our private home investigations, we headed over to the local hotel (which is now a popular University bar downtown) to discuss what we had found and look over our paperwork (as a group).  Upon entering the building, myself and a visiting psychic saw something go down the stairs, to our right. (the storage basement).  I went up to the bar and the explained to the manager who we where.  I also asked her about the ghost of Al Capone's girlfriend?  She laughed and said that yes he did visit his friends in the city but Al didn't have a girlfriend at this hotel (who had committed suicide)....Blows that local legend!   She did however tell us that there was a spot in the basement that did freak out the employees.  We gathered out equipment and went down the narrow corridors and searched the little rooms along the hallway, getting no unusual readings or uneasy feelings...
This was the last picture, I snapped on 35 mm film, as we left the area.  Thought this picture was lost but it mysteriously shows up when it wants too.   I figured I better post it, before it wanders away, once more.


Thanks to everyone for sending in their pictures!
G.G.R/A. has tried to use the best examples of phenomina associated with ghosts, along with some haunted locations.
We hope you enjoyed this page!  Keep sending in those photos along with your questions as there is always something new for us to learn... And investigate.
Sincerely,  Gerald


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