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Guelph Ghost Research

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Related Links

On this page we've included links to other sites that have to do with ghosthunting. If you notice any broken links, let us know!


To capture "quality" spirit photography,
here are two important sites to consider
when planning any investigation.

Moon calendar site at:


Solar activities site:


--------Sites of interest--------

For ghost towns across North America visit:


Another excellent site with the proper release forms needed to gain permission to enter private property. Also forms available to download which will help you conduct well versed interviews.
These forms will help you in any investigation and are
located in the Ghost Hunting 101 section:


Ghostly Photo's and Research:


Advanced Ghost Hunting 101's at: 



Will County Ghost Hunters Society

An interesting site with lots of information based in the Chicagoland area and researchs throughout the Mid-West - U.S.A.


Our other recommended sites:

LOCAL - Ghost Tours and Activities.

Friend and fellow ghosthunter/psychic Patrick Cross.

Burlington Walks & Tours

Our friends Stephanie and Daniel.

Hamilton Walks and Tours

Phychic Development Classes and Resources:

Sean & Shannon
Offering experienced and ethical psychic development training and services.


Tarot Readings  - Reiki Treatments


The official "psy"chic of  G.G.R&A. 
Visit her website at the Ghost Hunters of Guelph

Click Here to e-mail Wanda!

Linda Moulton Howe's



We are also certified M.U.F.O.N. investigators!
From the left: Myself and Wanda (psychic), Linda Moulton Howe and Mike B. with our special guest.

Third from the left is Linda Moulton Howe - Linda is a popular radio and t.v. personality -  A definite site to bookmark.  EARTHFILES for people interested in all things scientific,
strange and unknown...
Equipment, Books/Mags, Local Groups

Look Here for the Best Prices!

Guelph Ghost Research Does not sell equipment,
or receive any financial gains by
the endorsement of any links
listed below.

S.P.E.C.T.E.R.& G.G.R/A Trusted Sites:



- Books and Magazines -

Our Suggested Reading for any ghost hunter.





Find local ghost hunting groups in your local
area sharing their abilities at Meetup!



Society of Paranormal Encounters of Canada. Training and Entity Research ~ 1998-2011
Celebrating 13 years in Research.....Happy Hauntings!