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A Classic Haunting or a Residual Haunting.....So which do you have? 
Residual Haunting - This type of haunting generally occurs at the same time every time and is the same scene over and over. There will be no interaction, for the spirits don't even see you. Like a VCR you watch the movie, rewind it, then watch it again. Nothing in the movie ever changes, it is always the same thing. Nothing you can say or do can change the movie. These are basically impressions in time that has imprinted itself in the atmosphere of the place haunted. These hauntings usually involves a visual sighting of a past traumatic event the occurred at that location. This is only a piece of time.

The Classic Haunting - is the spirit of a once living person, that for some reason did not cross over at the moment of death. Unlike the Residual Haunting, the Classic Haunting involves a spirit that Can interact with you and vice versa. however the spirit can not always be seen, for a classic haunting involves all of our senses. Such as smell, touch, sounds, and sightings. You could smell the perfume that the person once wore in the living years, a rush of cold air as the spirit nears you, a strong feeling of someone watching you or in the room with you, a slight touch on your shoulder by unseen hands, phantom voices and sounds, So just remember, just because you don't see them, doesn't mean that they are not there.........



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